industrial 3D Printing

Who are we?

3D Print Fabriek is a 3D print factory located in the Netherlands that offer high definition 3D print at a very competitive price. Our team is efficient and effective, ensuring that you receive the 3D Prints objects in time with the right Industrial quality.

3D Printing

3D Print Fabriek uses an SLS (selective laser sintering) 3D printer "EOS" Formiga P110 with powder. A laser powerful enough to melt powder into a strong. This technology is appropriate for prototyping and end-use parts in industries such as machinery, automotive and medical. 

Quote & Order

3D Print Fabriek co-operates with 3D Hubs. Consumers can order 3D prints with a simple click on "3D Hubs". They will in turn handle the order processing for 3D Print Fabriek

Companies can order directly by 3D shop on our website. 


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